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Despite popular belief, the Christian worldview is still the majority (33%) of what the world claims to believe.¹ This comes as no surprise since the Word of God is the genesis of all. Christian Theism has its roots deeply embedded in the grains of our history since we are human beings which were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). It used to be that God was widely accepted in the western world in which we live. However, in recent times mankind has openly challenged the existence of God. Such reasoning has brought forth a plethora of worldview points. These alternate viewpoints should not move anyone’s faith in God. Christianity has the only source of infallible truths known to man: the Bible. It is the Bible in which God speaks to us through his Word. It is through this avenue that the Christian faith is born.

The God of the Bible is infinite (Isaiah 57:15), personal, transcendent (John 4:24), omniscient (Psalm 147:5), sovereign (Psalm 47), and He is good (Luke18:9). For the Theist, reality is the God of the Bible. Theists believe that God plays an active role in the sustaining of His creation. This means that God works in and out of our lives providentially to fulfill His will. Theists live with a moral code given from God. This code supersedes, and is unmatched by, any other moral codes. Theists understand that choosing to do wrong is sin and separates them from God (Isaiah 59:1-2). Eschatology for the Christian is one of surety and certainty. Having been made in the image of God and being God’s cherished creation makes the Theist worthy of eternal life.

God, because He is a loving and merciful God, has made a provision so that man can be reunited with his Maker. The truth of Jesus the Son of God, who is the way to the father, has solidified a reason for Theists to believe in God. Unlike other viewpoints which are merely theories that can produce no proof; Christianity has Jesus as the ultimate proof of God’s existence. Jesus lived and offered Himself up on our behalf unto His death, and was resurrected and seen by hundreds if not thousands. Theism is based on proof through prophecy and the Son of God, Jesus the Christ.

To be continued…