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Deism is a worldview point that stems from Christian Theism. Human reasoning  coupled with theological debates brought forth the viewpoint of Deism. Deists believe that God or a force was present at the creation of the world; however, they believe He is no longer active in His creation. This would make the world a closed environment, set to a sort of automatic forward motion of time. At the root of Deism is the denial of God’s  providence. This leads Deist down the path of disbelief of the incarnation of Jesus and of the inspired works of the Bible. Without a belief in God’s revelation, they use only human reasoning to understand morals and ethics. If one’s standard is self-reasoning, then one’s standard is to do whatever feels right. This type of reasoning opens the door to Atheism.

There are a few different types of Deist. There are cold Deist, who believe that God was a first cause only and has nothing to do with us nor does He care. There are warm   Deist, who believe that God is personal and that He provides support to sustain the       universe. Whatever the case, the prime reality of the Deist is self-reasoning. Within the realm of Deism, man is in charge of his destiny and can be or do anything he wants.    Overall, Deism is the viewpoint of human reasoning of which the standards will vary from person to person since no one will likely reason identically to his neighbor. They are unsure of life after death therefore they are without true knowledge or hope. Christian Theism, which is the stem of Deism, has the knowledge which the Deist reasons for. John 16:13 says that God through the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, and John 8:31-32 says that by abiding in this truth we will KNOW the truth and it will set us free. The Christian has true knowledge from God the Father through His word, and if we keep it we will not taste death (John 8:51).

To be continued…