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These brief biographies serve as a way to help each of us get better acquainted and develop a deeper appreciation and love for one another. Everyone, young and old, brings something to the table. With that in mind, please take a moment to get to know David Smith a little better…

David Lee Smith, Jr. was born August 15, 1926, to Dave and Ina Smith in Markham, Matagorda County, Texas. He was the youngest of four children. The Smith family moved from Markham to Pear-land in 1928 and became farmers and ranchers. The old ranch house was located where Southdown Subdivision is now located on Hughes Ranch Road. David loved farming and ranching with his father and brother and has many wonderful tall tales about life on the farm. The three farmed and ranched on the land where Silverlake stands today.

In 1945, David met Frankie Walker and the two were married in October 1946. They had three daughters, Martha, Susan and Leah.
In 1947, David obtained his Texas Peace Officers’ license. In September, after 66 years as a commissioned peace officer, David plans to finally retire his commission. He has served as Deputy Sheriff for Brazoria County, a death investigator, a Constable, a Peace officer with Pearland PD and also Manvel PD and was ap-pointed as a Special Ranger by the Texas Department of Public Safety in 1972.

David has owned and operated several businesses including a feed store and a hardware store, real estate developer and general contractor, realtor and broker. David has also served three terms on the Pearland City Council, and president of the Pearland Hobby Area Chamber of Commerce. He was one of the original group that formed the Pear-land Emergency Medical Service and was EMS director for 12 years. Through the years he has received numerous honors for his service from a variety of organizations.

David obeyed the gospel in 1952 and has served this congregation as a deacon, a Bible class teacher and as an elder for more than 30 years. He had a part in the hiring of 9 preachers, including me. He has been actively involved in service to the Lord for more than 61 years.

Today at 87, David is still involved in the Lord’s church. When Frankie died November 15, 2000, she left a trust fund that was to be philanthropic in nature. David, along with “his girls,” came upon the idea of the Frankie Smith Agriculture Project in Benin, West Africa. It can truly be said that this project is David’s shining star. He never fails to tell of the success of the project and gives God the glory.

David is a servant of the Lord, proud American, a long, tall Texan and generous to a fault. His legacy includes his daughters, seven grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, and three great-great grandchildren. His mantra can be attributed to the words of the hymn “A Beautiful Life” which begins—“Each day I’ll do a golden deed…”

This is an edited and abridged article submitted by David’s daughter, Susan Lenamon.