Who We Are

The Church of Christ located today at 2217 N. Grand Boulevard was established in the fall of 1952 with a charter membership of about 12 persons. The meeting place at that time was a building used by the Pearland Volunteer Fire Department. From the small nucleus of Christians, the church has grown over the years.

Unable to support a full-time minister in the beginning, the church was aided by the Broadway Church of Christ in Houston, Texas who furnished evangelists and song leaders. The growth of the church demanded the purchase of five lots on Grand Boulevard and the first building was erected in 1953. The building consisted of four classrooms and a small auditorium with a seating capacity of about 110 persons.

Growth and expansion continued and in 1960, four additional lots were purchased and a new auditorium was built which is still in use today. In 1962, a new classroom wing was added and the entire structure was bricked. The office building was built in 1967 and in 1970, five additional lots were purchased. Three years later in 1973, the annex building was built to accommodate church functions.

In 1955, the church supported its first full-time minister–Murphy McNeil. Ministers since that time include Robert Colley, John Lewis, Bill Hamilton, Louie White, George Carman, Ron Miller, O.F. “Dick” Case, DC Brown, Ryan Parsons, and Paul Cartwright.

The church today is served by three elders–Gary Adams, Chris Lindelof and Kevin Scarsdale. The church is also served by two deacons who serve in a variety of service-oriented roles.

Recent Sermons