Dominica Relief Efforts

I know that so many of us in the Houston area have been hurt by the floods, and have been giving generously to help our families and friends recover. But there is a tremendous, urgent need for help for those is Dominica. There is no power, the water system is compromised, there is not enough food, folks are living in homes without roofs, vehicles have been lost or damaged.

Can you find a way to make a contribution to the Dominica Maria Relief Fund–right away. The sooner we can get enough funds the quicker we can purchase and ship them. I know this will be a long recovery period, but the need for food and shelter is desperate right now. Send a check to Pearland Church of Christ, address is 2217 N. Grand Blvd, Pearland, Texas 77581. Or more directly to Bronx Church of Christ, C/O John Massicott, 448 185th St, Bronx, NY, 10458.

Ask if your congregation can take up a special contribution, and ask them to do it soon.

Ralph Bryant

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Aaron Campbell says:


My name is Aaron Campbell, I’m a member of Houston’s First Baptist. My wife and I were blessed to get to take a vacation to Dominica this past summer and while there attended a Sunday service at the Church of Christ in Chance, Portsmouth, Dominica and met Pastor Lewis Romain. He directed me to your church to coordinate help. I am looking for a place to make a donation towards the recovery going on in Dominica – and I would like to engage my Sunday School class and others I know to make a contribution as well.

Would you be able to provide some further information about how the funds that you are collecting are to be used? Where exactly they are going, to who, etc… this will help me answer any questions I may get.

In Christian Brotherhood,

Aaron Campbell

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